Till We Have Faces comes to North York

Till We Have Faces is back for one more show only!

After overwhelming response to the run of Till We Have Faces in May, we decided to add one more show and bring the production to North York neighbourhoods.

June 6th - 2 pm

If you missed the show in May, read the reviews below and come out to see it while you still have a chance. This will be the last one.

"Very sensual and sincere. Highly recommended". Sergiy Kovalyuh, audience member.

"This is local, this is real, and this is very romantic and moving". David Ng, audience member.

"This was such an amazing production! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. ... I really felt as tough I could relate to underlying themes and messages to my life right now. Was very moving... My soul really needed it".

Brendan Edwards, audience member.

Early Summer, Ismailova Theatre of Dance presents "Till We Have Faces", based on the renowned novel by C. S. Lewis, a rendition of the Greek myth Psyche and Cupid. In this tale, Cupid falls in love with the princess Psyche and wants her to be his bride. Psyche, allured by love, takes a vow to never look upon his face. However, Psyche's sisters, Orual and Redival, envy and persuade her to use a lantern to see the face of her new husband. Lewis makes an unusual twist and tells this mythological story though the eyes of the older sister, Orual. The story unfolds layers of unexpected turns and suspense that never leaves us until the end. Each character has a driven motivation, from the humans to the Gods - for good or evil.

Betrayal, guilt, high stake decisions, sacrifice, love, and beautiful music all told through signature styles of dance and physical theatre. Ismailova Theatre of Dance's "Till We Have Faces" will have you captivated from start to finish.


June 6th, Saturday - 2 pm
York Woods Library Theatre, 1785 Finch Ave W

$20 in advance, $25 at the door

Children under 12 years old:
$15 in advance, $20 at the door

Children under 3: free

The show will feature opening number by RSA Dance Ensemble.

Show rated PG.

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Photo credit: Alexos Koorales


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