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Halloween Theatre Intensive for Children and Teenagers

Magical HALLOWEEN for kids and teens! Children and teenagers are invited to our holiday themed intensives (day camps) where they can learn about performing arts while having a fun holiday party! Halloween intensive: October 16, 10 to 4 Christmas and New Year intensive: November 20, 10-4 Details: Ismailova Theatre of Dance invites children and teens to a one-day stage arts intensive (day camp)! This time our topic is HALLOWEEN. Date: October 16, Sunday, 10-4 Ages 6-18 (they will be divided into groups) Cost per day: $90 + $5 (for Halloween treats) Intensive features: 1) Three award-winning professional instructors in acting, dance, performance and creation 2) Children and teens will participate in a magical trick-or-treat and play engaging creative games 3) Children and teenagers will work on their own Halloween characters: scary, funny or magical 4) Participants will experience a professional arts intensive and all the fun of creating performance pieces together as a team Please pack:

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